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School Based Programs (Care Plus NJ)

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School Based Programs (Care Plus NJ)

CarePlus offers custom-tailored, collaborative, school-based programs that offer the best of structured recreation, psycho-education, skill-building, and therapy in a non-stigmatizing school-based environment—plus wrap-around services to complete the care continuum.

Engaging youth in positive activities to enhance their growth and provide counseling and intervention can be extremely challenging. That’s why CarePlus developed a variety of effective models that can be custom-tailored to your learning environment and student needs. We base our models upon the philosophy that a student’s chance to achieve success in school and in the community improves when there is easy access to school-based therapeutic services.

Program Goals:

  • Create access to an environment within the school that’s safe and free of stigma
  • Offer structured recreation, psycho-education, skill-building, and therapy from experienced professionals.
  • Interpersonal interactions with friends, family, and the community improve.
  • Grades improve.
  • Overall outlook improves.

Our programs are designed around a collaboration with your school’s practices and on-site therapeutic services to ensure a seamless, barrier-free environment to care. Each program is staffed by professionals experienced in youth development, therapy, and case management and backed by the CarePlus mission to help people foster and develop healthy minds and healthy bodies. Plus, children and parents get access to complete wrap-around care through CarePlus, a fully-licensed and accredited mental health care organization, providing services to the community since 1978.

Specialized Services:

  • Individual counseling
  • School clearances
  • Skill-building groups including social skills, conflict resolution, mindfulness, anger management, and stress management
  • Substance abuse programs specifically for adolescents
  • Direct linkage to licensed and accredited community-based programs through CarePlus
  • Educational workshops for faculty and parents
  • Direct in-class support for students and teachers
  • Collaborations with the school team and outpatient resources
  • Partnerships with child study teams as indicated by IEPs
  • Outreach
  • Case management
  • Parent support groups
  • After school recreation and summer programs
  • Transitional programs to assist students with school and grade level changes
Current Active MOU
  • Bergen CMO
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
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Employment / Training
Family & Support Services
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health
Treatment Services
In-Community Services
Treatment Setting
  • School
Payment Options
  • Medicaid
  • System of Care (CSOCI Medicaid / FlexFunds)
Areas Served
  • Bergen County

Last Updated: 08/03/23