Children's Interagency Coordinating Council (CIACC) of Bergen County

The CIACC is Bergen County's Children's Inter-agency Coordinating Council.  Every county in New Jersey has a CIACC. The CIACC forms partnerships with anyone invested in making the lives of children better like parents, teachers, coaches, faith-based youth leaders, and others.  If you are one of these people - We want your help in making the lives of children and families better!   Our CIACC places a special focus on the needs of children up to age 21 living with behavioral, emotional, substance use, intellectual, and/or developmental challenges.  

CIACC Resources and Tools

Sept. 22, 2023 Understanding the Services through the NJ Children's System of Care Partners and

2024 Education Partnership Trainings:

School Anxiety and Refusal Workshop presentation

Webinar Recording 

2024 Education Partnership Training Recordings:

School Anxiety/Refusal Webinar Recording and corresponding Powerpoint presentation

2022 World of Resources - 2 day training held  March 4 and March 11

Access the recordings of both days' presentations and related materials and program contacts from 2022. 

Bergen County Community Mental Health Resource List

This is updated regularly    Be sure to check back for the most current version.  It is printable!    

Bergen County CIACC Quick Reference Guide (2 pages, printable)  revised Aug. 2023

If your agency has updates, please submit them to CIACC Awareness coordinator:  [email protected]

CIACC Family Resource Guide (printable)

Bergen County Mental Health Assessment for School Clearance: Listed Partners

If your agency has updates, please submit them to CIACC Awareness coordinator:  [email protected]

A LEGAL SIZE version of this document is available for printing

NJ Comprehensive School-based Mental Health Resource Guide Release.  NJ Dept. of Education.  Released February 9, 2022. This document contains links to other helpful resources.  You can access it here &/or within the 2022 CIACC meeting minutes folders
Suicide Prevention resources  This page is maintained by the Bergen County Suicide Prevention Coordinator - Wendy Sefcik
Stigma Free Toolkit for Schools - Bergen  Very helpful for planning for May is Mental Health Month and Child Mental Health Awareness Day activities!  
Connecting with Our Community Teen Service Project  Schools!  Scouts!  Advisory Groups! Plan early for Mental Health Month activities while also meeting NJ Health Learning Standards, also a great service project for youth to learn about the resources in the County and issues that impact them and their families.

Coping & Self-regulation Skill-building Activities for the Classroom

This page is a compilation of resources shared by teachers, clinical professionals, and community based organizations for the benefit of teachers in Bergen County. It will be updated as we receive submissions.

To contribute resources to this page, please email them to: [email protected] *Please be sure to include the source citation for the resource and include the URL to the source page.

CSOC Resources for Educational Professionals A direct link to resources provided by the NJ Children's System of Care for Education Professionals.  Here is a link to the recording of a CSOC Town Hall held in February 2021

CIACC Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are open to the public 

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Co-chairs:  Jo Ponticello and Kristen Ambrosio     

CIACC of Bergen meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 
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FAMILY VOICE IS WELCOME!    We invite parent/caregiver's to join the CIACC to help identify resource needs in Bergen County as well as help us to learn about and celebrate community based resources for families.  Consider joining us!  Call 201-634-2750

CIACC Family Resource Guide (printable)


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Co-chairs:   Lisa Bernardo and Daria Tabbacchino

2024 Meeting Minutes

Bergen County CIACC Quick Reference Guide (2-page printable) updated Aug. 2023

MINUTES Archive 


Co-Chairs:  Melissa Blanchard and Tammi Kaminski

Meeting Minutes   

Helpful Transition Resources for Parents:

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