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Bergen County Prevention Coalition (BCPC)

The Bergen County Prevention Coalition (BCPC) is a collaboration of individuals and organizations that are committed to, and passionate about reducing the rates of alcohol and drug use among youth and young adults in Bergen County.

The coalition’s members work together to address these issues by leveraging resources and building on the group’s collective strengths to influence the environment as it relates to underage drinking, electronic cigarettes/vaping, prescription medication misuse, reducing the use of illegal drugs with a special focus on opioids, and reducing the use of new and emerging drugs of abuse across the lifespan.

The coalition was created in August of 2010, aiming to be a comprehensive community coalition that will respond to community conditions by developing and implementing multi-faceted plans that lead to measurable, population-level reduction in one or more substance abuse problems. To educate the community, the coalition offers various presentations, workshops, and trainings that are all free of charge to any community group within the county. The coalition will also offer its expertise in being a consultant if any municipality is looking to implement new policies to tackle the various substance misuse issues, such as smoke-free areas or vape shop licensing fees.

Monthly meetings provide an opportunity for members to network, participate in relevant training seminars, and plan collaborative initiatives to address the needs the coalition establishes as its focus.

Membership is open to those who are interested in creating a healthy, safe and drug-free Bergen County, including youth and young adults.

General Membership Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 10:00am – 11:30am:

Prevention Programming is available throughout the county. Contact us today to schedule one of our programs below:

  • Current Drug Trends - Presentations and workshops are available on emerging drug trends, such as THC and CBD concentrates and Electronic Nicotine Devices (ENDs). These workshops are designed to help identify drug paraphernalia, learn new information about trends, educate about addiction, as well as outline the signs or symptoms of being under the influence or a substance use disorder. Additional items are included as new substances of misuse enter the market. We can tailor presentations to suit the size and need of the school or community organization.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight (HIPS) - An interactive evening highlighting the recreation of a teenager’s bedroom in which various drug paraphernalia or “stash items” are hidden. The program includes current Cannabis and Nicotine items as well as other commonly misused substances. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to walk through and search with the awareness that some items may not be what they seem. The event includes a presentation identifying and explaining some of the items the audience discovered and how parents may be unaware of the items’ potential uses. This program is available for parents/guardians, coalitions, associations, schools, etc.
  • Parents Who Host Lose the Most (PHW) - An awareness campaign intended to educate parents about the health and safety risks associated with serving alcohol at teenage house parties and increase awareness of and compliance with underage drinking and social hosting laws. In, NJ, it is illegal to serve alcohol to a minor who is not their child. Alcohol is still the most commonly misused substance by youth.
  • Cannabis: Know the Facts - A presentation for the community that will cover an overview of the legislation and focuses on understanding today’s cannabis, some ripple effects as evidenced by other states, and understanding the implications on the adolescent brain and well-being.
  • An ACE Score is not a Game! - This presentation focuses on the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study which looked at three categories of adverse experience: childhood abuse, neglect, and household challenges.  Learn how childhood trauma can affect the potential for substance misuse, socialization and academics, some carrying into adulthood.  The 40 Developmental Assets provide positive supports and help youth identify their strengths.
  • Topic Specific Update - If there is a topic of concern in your school or community we can tailor programs or workshops based on the need. Topics may include but are not limited to: Underage Drinking, Marijuana, Vaping/Tobacco, Illicit Drugs, Prescription Medicine, New and Emerging Drugs Trends, Refusal Skills, etc.
  • Training Intervention Procedures (TIPs) - A restaurant/bar server training program that aims to prevent alcohol related problems in both consumer and commercial setting. TIPS teaches servers the skills needed to identify behavioral cues of a patron who may be intoxicated. TIPS also teaches appropriate ways to handle such a situation to ensure they (the staff person and establishment) stay in compliance with the law, don’t aggravate the situation at hand or cause disruption to other guests. TIPS also teaches staff about the legal liability they face when serving alcohol and the legal liability an establishment may face. Individuals who pass the national exam get a certification valid for 3 years.
  • Coping and Resiliency - Turning the Impossible into I’m possible.  Learn how to stay resilient during a challenging time.  The focus is learning to find the positive in any situation and keep progressing forward.  This virtual program was created as a response to the stress many are feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was created in collaboration with the New Jersey National Guard Anti-Drug Task Force and The Center for Drug and Alcohol Resources, the lead agency for the Garfield Prevention Coalition and the Bergen County Prevention Coalition.
  • Over the Counter Medication Safety - This presentation focuses on the risks of using OTC (over the counter medications) incorrectly as well as the importance of understanding how active ingredients interact with other substances. Also mentioned is how to safely store and dispose of OTC medications away from children, vulnerable adults, and pets. Correct measurement techniques are recognized, and tips are given for organizing and remembering when to take OTC medications.
  • Be Your Best Self: A Roadmap to Discovery - An enlightening presentation to teach youth how different substances impact the brain, information on peer pressure and stress, and healthy coping mechanisms. After the presentation, youth will know how to “pave the way to wellness.”
  • Sticker Shock - A community awareness program designed to prevent people 21 and older from purchasing alcohol & providing it to underage individuals. Participants involved in Sticker Shock events, visit partnering liquor stores and place bottle hangers, stickers, and window clings with a warning message about the penalties for providing alcohol to anyone under 21. This unique program represents a partnership among youth, retail establishments, law enforcement, and prevention specialists. It’s a great opportunity for community groups, faith based groups, school-based programs, or any group interested in preventing underage drinking. Community service hours are awarded.
  • Verified Influencers - A training to teach youth the categories of substances, how substance use impacts the brain, and understand why teens may start using substance in the first place with key information on mental health. Participants will learn how to support their friends and/or peers during the training. Participants take a quiz during the second session and will get a certificate after passing. Community service hours are awarded.

Presentations can be tailored to meet your prevention needs. 

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