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Strengthening Families Program (The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources/CAFS)

This is a multi-week program that is aimed at parents and/or caregivers and their youth ages 10-14.  The program helps parents and caregivers build on their strengths in showing love and setting limits, helps youth develop skills for building a positive future, and helps family members improve their relationships and decrease family conflict. 

The program starts with a free family dinner before the evening session and includes babysitting for any younger siblings.  $100 Visa Gift Card to graduating families!

During the first hour of each session, parents and youth meet separately with facilitators to work on specific skills. During the second hour, they come back together for fun activities designed to engage the whole family. 

This program is held at different locations around the County throughout the year.

This program is sponsored by The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources, a program of Children’s Aid and Family Services.

Eligibility parents and/or caregivers and their youth ages 10-14
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
Community Services
Family & Support Services
Payment Options
  • Free

Last Updated: 08/04/23