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Parenting Skills - Parent Training (H2H)

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Parenting Skills - Parent Training (H2H)

At Heart to Heart and Associates LLC, we completely understand how much time and patience goes into raising a child with Special Needs.  We also understand how complicated the services that the child receives or programs the child attends can be.  For these reasons, we like to provide the parents of our children with as much help and guidance that we can.

Parent Training: Under the guidance of one of our Board Certified Behavioral Analysists (BCBA's), our parents learn about the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy that we use with their children and how they can even continue their child's programs at home as well.  We also offer training in 'Handle With Care' restraint training to our parents so that they can keep their children and themselves from harm when a child has a difficult day.  

Support Group: We understand how difficult it may be raising a child with Special Needs.  We like to offer our parents time to relax and just talk to other parents who are going through the same experience as them. We understand that finding supervision for the children may be hard to do, so we invite parents to bring their children along.  With help from our BCBA's or our Social Worker, our parents meet once a month to talk with one another about anything and everything.  While the parents are talking, though, the children are playing and relaxing while under the supervision of our ABA-trained staff. Usually our Support Groups are held at a different facility from our center, like Bounce U, so that the children can have a wonderfully fun, social experience while their parents can relax and just talk with other adults.

Private Therapy Sessions: At our center, we also offer private therapy sessions with our Licensed Social Worker to our children's parents.

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Last Updated: 08/06/23