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Bright Beginnings Child Care Program (Garfield YMCA)

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Bright Beginnings Child Care Program (Garfield YMCA)

Bright Beginnings Preschool: Ages 2 and ½ to 5 years old

Today, children in the United States face some serious issues. They struggle to develop positive values, civic responsibility, and educational skills. In a pervasive climate of unhealthy lifestyles, they are at risk of being overweight and having other related health challenges. Furthermore, families are under increasing stress and often need help balancing work, family, and civic responsibilities. YMCA child development programs are purposeful and asset-based, demonstrating high quality and commitment to holistic child development.

The YMCA movement’s goal is to engage 25 million children and adults so that every child and youth deepens positive values, their commitment to service, and their motivation to learn every family builds stronger bonds, achieves greater work/life balance, and becomes more engaged with their communities every individual strengthens his or her spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Goals of Bright Beginnings Child Care Program:

  • Help children develop to their fullest potential 
  • Support and strengthen the family unit
  • Deliver child care in a safe and positive environment 
  • Teach, model, celebrate, practice, praise, and reinforce the five values of character  development: caring, honesty, respect, inclusion, and responsibility; and confront inconsistencies 
  • Foster health and well-being for children and families
  • To help children gain a positive self-image
  • To enhance the children's social, intellectual, physical and emotional development
  • To help children become autonomous
  • To help children feel comfortable with the other children teachers and caregivers in a safe and stimulating environment 

Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
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Last Updated: 12/08/22