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Billy's Buddies (Wyckoff YMCA)

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Billy's Buddies (Wyckoff YMCA)

“Billy’s Buddies” is an outreach program for children with Down syndrome and their families. Its goal is to create awareness and acceptance of individuals with DS, while providing their families with valuable resources and networking opportunities.

Billy’s Buddies Membership includes:

  • A caring, supportive Parent Network
  • Support for New Parents
  • Participation in the Buddy Walk of Bergen County
  • Social events for families: picnics, St. Patty's Party, Spring Party, Summer Spring Lake Swim Party

Join other families who have a child with Down syndrome once a month for a special event or to socialize. Parents participate in an adult group, siblings participate in a sibling group, and children enjoy spending time with the Wyckoff YMCA Teen Leaders. Meetings are followed by a light dinner. 

Event Type
  • Advocacy
  • Community Conversation
  • Social Groups
  • Educational Workshop
  • Family Fun
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
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Arts & Recreation
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Last Updated: 02/21/23