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Professional Development

Bergen Business Clinic

The Next Bergen Business Clinic is Tuesday, November 1rst 2pm-5pm.

Advance Directives and POLST Seminar

The purpose of this program will be to provide an understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements associated with advance directives and the POLST form, while providing insight into working with families to further the desires of patients with respect to their medical care so as to avoid and if necessary resolve conflicts, including dealing with end-of-life issues.

Yoga and Talk Therapy: Effective Practices for Mood Management and Stress

This experimental workshop is designed to introduce and explore practical applications of integrating easy yoga poses, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques into your clinical practice. Learn cutting-edge therapeutic skills to promote emotional well-being, healing, and transformation within your office setting.

The Effects of Trauma and Other Mental Health Issues on Learning in the Classroom

“Why is it, they ask, that so many students fail or underperform in spite of immense potential?”

Teachers and other educational support staff are often confronted by behavior and learning “styles” that interfere with a student’s success in the classroom. If interpretation drives intervention, then we can expect to be informed by our experiences as well as our training. Often what is missed is that 25% of all children experience at least one traumatic event before the age of 16—and that traumatic experience has a profound effect on learning. In this workshop, attendees will explore how traumatic experiences affect young learners and strategies to create a more positive learning environment.

Crisis Intervention Team Training

CIT is an innovative international police model that incorporates collaboration between the community’s law enforcement system and mental health system to respond to the needs of those in psychiatric crisis. 

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