Parenting Skills - Nurturing Parenting® Program (EDNI Counseling Services, LLC)

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Parenting Skills - Nurturing Parenting® Program (EDNI Counseling Services, LLC)

EDNI Counseling Services, LLC provides an evidence-based service to parents that will establish effective parenting skills. The parent will follow a guided person-centered curriculum that is tailored to the individual needs of the family.

On the very first visit, the NPP® will have the parent fill out a pre-test form. The pre-test will then be scored and create a list of constructs. They are as follows: 

  • Construct A: Inappropriate Expectations; 
  • Construct B: Lack of Empathy; 
  • Construct C: Belief in the use of Physical Punishment; 
  • Construct D: Reversing Parent-Child Family Roles;
  • Construct E: Oppressing Children's Power and Independence. 

Based on the parent's scores, the NPP® will determine which construct needs to be worked on the most. The NPP® will then use the curriculum that meets the needs of that construct. The parent will also be given a parent workbook which has worksheets they will need to work on additionally to the time they meet with the NPP®.

The time-frame the NPP® will be with a family will be determined by a Child Family Team meeting and the needs of the family moving forward. Once the needs have been met, the parent will take a post-test when the family is about to transition. It will also be scored. The NPP® will then discuss the parent's progress based on the results of the post-test.

EDNI's Nurturing Parenting® is a Medicaid eligible parenting skill option as it is rendered by licensed clinicians.  The family will work closely with the Nurturing Parenting® provider on a separate day of the Intensive In-Community Clinician (IIC). However, the NPP® and IIC should have consistent communication regarding the families' needs and progress. Services are at of no cost to the family regardless of insurance. 

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Last Updated: 05/15/24