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Bounce Out the Stigma® Basketball Programs

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Bounce Out the Stigma® Basketball Programs

These uniquely challenged  kids feel awkward at the “all-star” camps, and cannot fit in to a full special needs camp. Bounce Out the Stigma and our signature Challenged Youth Basketball Camps provide that outlet and truly fit that child’s need.

  • Provide a small, interactive, supportive atmosphere where children can increase knowledge about one’s self, environment, limitations and goals
  • Integrate growth and learning as campers have fun, overcome obstacles and work with other children and staff
  • Small ratio of 4 campers per instructor providing unique specialized improvement and care
  • Have our campers gain a sense of accomplishment with experiences that leave them smiling, so that they are both stronger and better prepared to flourish in their “daily world”
  • Provide each child with a strong core belief in their ability to overcome everyday challenges without frustration
  • Basketball camp for kids with Autism, ADD, Epilepsy, ADHD, those with slow motor skill development.
  • Summer Camps
  • After School Camps: From after school to partnering with NBA Teams, universities, local schools, and non-profits we offer weekend and after-school clinics.
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  • Adolescents
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Last Updated: 08/05/23