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Bernard Placide Jr Foundation

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Bernard Placide Jr Foundation

Bernard Placide Jr. Foundation was established in 2023. Its purpose is to raise awareness about mental health, provide education, and offer crisis support for youth and young adults. Additionally, it extends assistance to families who are experiencing the repercussions of mental health challenges. Our commitment lies in ensuring that individuals grappling with mental health difficulties receive the necessary and well-deserved care.

In memory of the vibrant and ambitious young man, Bernard Placide Jr., the foundation emerged to illuminate a path of healing and support. Bernard's aspirations were tragically curtailed by a senseless act of violence, yet his legacy thrives through the foundation's mission.

The Bernard Placide Jr. Foundation serves as a beacon of hope, devoted to raising awareness of mental health issues, providing education, intervening in crises, and aiding families impacted by mental health challenges. Our objective is to guarantee that no one confronts these trials alone.

Using workshops, education, and community outreach, we empower young individuals with the tools to navigate life's hurdles and cultivate resilience. For families contending with the effects of mental health problems, we extend guidance, resources, and a compassionate network. Bernard's story exemplifies the transformation of sorrow into purpose. The foundation stands as a tribute to his ambitions, forging a world in which mental health garners priority and support. In this manner, Bernard's dreams endure as a source of inspiration, bestowing hope upon innumerable lives.

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Last Updated: 11/20/23