ACCESS Deaf Mental Health Services (St. Joseph's University Medical Center)

(973) 345-7357

ACCESS Deaf Mental Health Services (St. Joseph's University Medical Center)

Based at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson and funded by the NJ State Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, ACCESS provides 24/7 community-based psychiatric and mental health services to deaf and hard of hearing people throughout New Jersey.

The offices are located at 621 Main Street in Paterson, New Jersey.

  • Outpatient Psychotherapy – provided at various locations throughout the state.
  • Clinical consultations for psychiatric emergency services/screening centers (available 24/7 by phone) and on-site consultation when commitment of a deaf person appears likely. For in-patient units phone/on-site consultation is available to the treatment team: 
    • Communication/language assessment
    • Assistance in assessment of mental status
    • Resources, linkages to ACCESS, other services
  • Training – 2 hour training sessions offered to staff who would like to develop cultural competency in working with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.
    • Culture & Identity
    • How hearing loss impacts psychiatric assessment
    • What are the appropriate accommodations for people with hearing loss under the ADA?
  • Residential Services
  • ICMS Services
  • Partial Hospitalization Services

Last Updated: 04/26/22