Pediatric Art Therapy Program (Valley Health System)

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Pediatric Art Therapy Program (Valley Health System)

For children and adolescents, the journey through loss and grief can be especially difficult and painful. Children need a safe place to express the grief, anger, and fear related to the illness or loss of a loved one, and assistance with developing important coping skills. Pediatric Art Therapy is a bereavement program that specifically works with children and adolescents ages 3 - 17 who are affected by the serious illness or death of a loved one.

Counseling is provided by board-certified art therapists who use art and other creative means to help children express their feelings. Patients are seen in our Journey’s office in Paramus. As part of Pediatric Art Therapy' commitment to the community, a number of special services are available to schools, developmental centers, teachers' groups and community centers. These services range from consultation to educational programs.

A nominal fee is required for Pediatric Art Therapy services, but no one is ever turned away because of an inability to pay.

Pediatric Art Therapy is a not-for-profit program of Valley Hospice. Private donations are important in order to continue this service. Gifts can be made in honor of or as a memorial to a loved one. All contributions are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to the Pediatric Art Therapy program.

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Last Updated: 11/07/22