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Modification Access Project - MAP (hip)

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Modification Access Project - MAP  (hip)

The Modification Access Project (MAP) provides partial funding to enable Bergen County residents who are elderly and/or disabled to increase accessibility within their homes. Some examples of home modifications are ramps, roll-in showers, railings, wheelchair lifts and the widening of doorways. MAP can also help pay for professional evaluations, material and labor. MAP is funded through the Bergen County Department of Human Services and United Way of Bergen County.

Dear Applicant:

Welcome to the Modification Access Project (MAP) administered by Heightened Independence and Progress (hip). In order for us to be most efficient in evaluating your request for funding assistance, we will need your cooperation and diligence. We require supporting documents along with your application in order to process your request. Be sure to fill out all the necessary information, sign and date on all the designated areas.

The following items must be enclosed:

  1. Application:  Fully complete the 3-page application.
  2. Medical Prescription:  Letter from your doctor or other health provider stating your disability and the equipment or modification(s) you may need to help your disability.
  3. Estimates:  Two written estimate from two different contractors or vendors detailing the home modification(s) and the total cost of the project.
  4. Independent Living Plan:  Please sign in either section I or II but not both.
  5. Income verification:  Proof of income, ex: copy of current IRS return (first page only) or letter from social security.
  6. If you are renting your apartment, a detailed letter from the owner of the property giving you permission to modify their property.

Return only the 3-page application and supporting documents in the enclosed envelope.

Due to the high volume of applications we receive it is very important that you complete and mail the application along with the necessary documents in order to process your request.  First come, first serve basis.  Please note that hip cannot reimburse you for any paid bill(s); we only pay directly to the vendor.

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Last Updated: 08/05/23