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Barr Karate

Barr Karate, founded by Soke Larry Barr, was born out of a simple idea: continuing and bringing high-quality, accessible, and traditional Martial Arts to the entire community. Based on Seido Ryu (Way of Life Style) principles, Barr Karate's focused approach to training, and experienced and caring instructors, makes this dojo one of the best karate schools in Hackensack. We invite you to explore our classes for children and adults.

Kids and teens take part in our general karate program. Through our classes and their hard work and dedication, they will go through a more progressive track of earning different ranks that can ultimately lead to a black belt.

Along the way, students will have the opportunity to push their techniques and confidence to a new level. They'll learn self-defense, forms, and drills with weapons, fighting techniques, advanced forms, and the Japanese history of the art in addition to phrases and words.

At Barr Karate, they'll develop character, respect for themselves and others, sharper focus, and discipline. Through the power of karate, our students become young leaders in the dojo and in life.

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