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ABA Life Center offers in-home and center-based ABA services to individuals with autism in the state of New Jersey. Our programs are individualized for each learner based on his/her need and level. We pride ourselves on building real-life ABA programs: what will your child need to know when he/she is an adult? What skills do they need to be most successful in their day-to-day lives? What skills will help the families most? These are the questions we are considering when developing a plan for your child. 

Through our agency, we offer:

1:1 Direct Therapy with a Behavior Technician: A behavior therapist/RBT will work with your child 1:1 on the goals established by your BCBA. The session may take place at home, in the community, or at our center. 

Ongoing Supervision from a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA): Your BCBA isn't just there for your initial assessment! Once therapy begins for your child, your BCBA will be there regularly providing supervision and training to your RBTs so they are trained properly and feel supported!

Ongoing Assessment/Treatment Plan Development: We want to make sure your child's needs are being met at all times. In order to do this,  your BCBA will monitor your child's progress and make updates regularly to their treatment plan. 

Parent Training: As a part of your child's ABA team, we want to ensure that you are trained in ABA as well! Through parent training, we will help familiarize you with relevant ABA terms and strategies, so that you have the tools to manage behaviors and promote learning even when we're not there.

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Last Updated: 06/09/24