The A.I.R. Express (Asthma, Information and Relief)

The A.I.R. Express (Asthma, Information and Relief) is a 24 foot mobile  camper outfitted with equipment and capabilities to screen patients for asthma.

The bus goes out into the local communities and screens the underserved children for asthma. It is all volunteer and all the funds to support the bus are donated. It has been operational for 13 years.

During those 14 years the bus has:

  •  screened over 2000 4th graders
  • participated in the annual Kick Butts day at Hackensack High School
  • visited various shelters in the city of Hackensack educated and visited senior citizen complexes in Hackensack
  • attended the Lodi Boys Club Health fair participated in various health fairs
  • visiting, screening, and educating local high school students grade 9 to 12

If you would like the A.I.R. Express to visit your school,  or for more  information , please contact: 

Barbara McGoey, BSN, RN
T: 551-996-5458 | F: 551-996-2810
[email protected] 

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Last Updated: 03/25/19