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Office of Concern Food Pantry at St. Cecilia

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Office of Concern Food Pantry at St. Cecilia

The Office of Concern Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization sponsored by St. Cecilia’s church, but is independent functionally and financially. 

The Office of Concern was started in 1980 to help a few families who were displaced by a fire. From that beginning we have become the largest single location food pantry in Bergen County, NJ. 

Our families include the working poor, retirees, and those struggling to feed babies and small children. Once a family registers with us they can come to our location and receive food once a week. Currently over 1000 families are registered with us. In 2014 we distributed 250 tons of food … approximately 5 tons per week … making us one of the largest food pantries in northern New Jersey.

We are associated with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and participate in federal and New Jersey state food programs.

Eligibility:  All those in need and hungry will always receive an emergency supply of food. No appointment or social service referral is necessary. To receive food on a weekly basis the family must register with us and their family income must be at or below U.S. government poverty levels.

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Last Updated: 11/29/21