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Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County

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Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County

The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County is one of the chapters of the American Ethical Union founded in 1876 by Dr Felix Adler in New York. Dr. Adler was a professor of Philosophy at Columbia University and a social reformer. He perceived a need for a religion based on “deed before creed”.

He founded Ethical Culture to focus on community and good works, rather than personal salvation.

Ethical Kids

  • Sunday School - these are some of the goals of the Ethical Culture Sunday School:
    • To encourage each child to seek personal answers to questions of ethics within a framework of respect for themselves, their families, their communities and their natural environment
    • To foster social responsibility in each child
    • To introduce concepts from other belief systems while promoting tolerance and affirming diversity
    • To affirm a broad spectrum of family traditions in a joyous atmosphere of celebration at festivals
    • To provide a sense of belonging in an established community of people actively living according to their ethical ideals
    • To offer each family an identity in, and with, Ethical Culture as its religious choice and commitment
  • Youth Group - Our Youth Group is a place for our Sunday school graduates (usually aged 14 to 22) to do good work and hang out.

Adult Education

  • Being White and Its Hidden Assumptions

Meets periodically for thoughtful discussion,engaging activities and video clips to raise awareness about this important topic.

  • Conversemos (Let’s Talk)

An opportunity for people with at least a basic knowledge of Spanish to immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture; it meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.

  • Do Tell! Story Night

Stories are at the core of human interaction . It’s in a story that we reveal ourselves; we give a gift, and have it received; and discover what makes us unique and alike. “Do Tell!” is a place for stories of all kinds.

This “MOTH-like” evening will generally include some small-group interactive storytelling games; some free-form, raise-your-hand storytelling on a common theme; and one or more longer-form personal stories developed for presentation. (Spectators are always welcome, and participation in any activity is at choice). 7:30 – 9:30 pm on the second Friday of the month.

Do Tell!  Story Workshops:  In preparation for the evenings are workshops for people to develop personal stories- 15 minutes or so- about real events that shaped their lives in meaningful ways, led by Bob Gordon, based on his MOTH development training. Bring  an idea for your story and prepare it for possible presentation at an upcoming Do Tell! Story Night.

A group to help anyone who is currently seeking to explore new career opportunities, facilitated by Anne Wallman, certified Career Development Facilitator.

Meets on Sunday evenings at 5 pm.

  • Senior Conversation

Each of us needs help and/or companionship now and again, and many of us find satisfaction in helping others. If you are a senior or boomer, please join us in developing a vital, caring community. For members only.

  • Socrates Cafe

While Socrates Cafe discussions begin with a question that hooks the majority of the group attending, the journey and goal are not to find the answer. So what is the process and how can it be the whetstone for sharpening our inquiring minds?” Meets on the last Monday of the month at 7 pm.

  • Theater Club

Enjoy local theater performances. Sign up to receive a regular email announcement of a local production, and then join with other for an afternoon or evening performance, and perhaps lunch or dinner as well. Facilitators Karen Buzzard and Linda Bennett are members of the Ethical Culture Society who enjoy local theater performances.

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