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Camp FantasTIC (NJCTS)

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Camp FantasTIC (NJCTS)

The family retreat weekend is a way to gain further knowledge and offer support to our children with TS. It is a way for us to gain support in our journey. The retreat is a nice way to connect with families in a relaxed atmosphere while allowing our children to be who they are - not worrying that they will be judged or critiqued.

  • Beautiful New Location
  • Hotel style Air-Conditioned Rooms
  • Fun and Exciting Camp Activities
  • Meet New Friends and Connect with Old Ones
  • Relax with Your TS Community

Kids enjoy canoeing, swimming, wall climbing, arts & crafts, participating in a talent show, rekindling old friendships, and cultivating new ones. Parents join in many activities with their children but also connect with other parents and share their stories. Powerful workshops provide a safe place for both youth and parents to ask questions about TS and learn from peer mentors.

Camp Buddies: During their time at Camp, families are assigned to a group, usually 4-5 families per group.  A Buddy is a Youth Advocate that is assigned to one of those groups to engage with the families, and to help the kids feel comfortable during the daily activities.  Additionally, throughout the weekend we have several information sessions for the parents.  So that both parents can attend the sessions, the Buddies are tasked with managing the kids during that time.  We’ve seen some great connections and friendships made because of this and we are happy to continue to program.  It is a wonderful experience for both the families as well as the Youth Advocates.

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  • Adults
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Last Updated: 05/15/24