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Bethlehem Early Learning Center (BELC)

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Bethlehem Early Learning Center (BELC)

At BELC we have an educational philosophy that values the importance of exposing children to a wide variety of learning opportunities and topics, while focusing on the benefits of activity to facilitate that learning. Bethlehem Early Learning Learning Center admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. Provides guidance for 2 ½ - 6 year-old children.

Centers: In addition to our many academic thrusts (please see the specific goals set out on the individual class pages), each of our classrooms has a variety of centers set up each month to allow children the opportunity to investigate and learn.

Curriculum: Our multi-year curriculum is set up on a thematic approach to learning, allowing teachers and children the chance to take a topic and explore it along the lines of literature, science, math, social studies, art and simple child’s play. Children are presented with material throughout the year and then given the opportunity to assimilate it at their own pace in a loving and safe, yet educationally challenging, setting.

Specials: In addition to our core curriculum, special weekly classes are conducted, including chapel, music, gym, Spanish and manners. We strive to meet, not only the academic needs of children, but also their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. It is our goal to provide for the total well being of every child in our care in a nurturing Christian atmosphere.

Our staff is fully committed to the goals we have mentioned. They are degreed and/or certified teachers, who along with our classroom assistants and administrative staff are CPR and first-aid certified. All staff goes through an extensive background check. Their many years of experience, coupled with their love of children and their dedication to the education of young children, make them an outstanding professional and compassionate team. 

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