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Cleaning Services (Winner & Associates, LLC)

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Cleaning Services (Winner & Associates, LLC)

Our staff will oversee housekeeping and organization to accommodate the family, and/or to satisfy health contingencies of the Division of Child Permanency and Protection (DCPP), in support of children remaining in the custody of the family.

Winner works closely with care management organizations (CMO's) by offering lower pricing than outside cleaning services.

How It Works:

  • Winner receives referrals for families that need housekeeping and organization services
  • Families may need our services due to health concerns and/or DCPP involvement
  • Senior cleaning specialist sit down with families and assess the current condition
  • Cleaning and organization needs are discussed to create a maintainable and healthier environment
  • Cleaning specialists determine the services needed and the time of completion
  • Cleaning specialists work with the family to restructure the home environment to a safe condition
  • Cleaning and organizational instruction are incorporated into the process to provide the family with skills to maintain a safe home
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products can be provided to ensure an added level of care

Winner & Associates is also a mental health provider and can contribute with the emotional health and wellbeing of caregivers. When hording is a presenting issue, Winner can provide therapeutic intervention to address these conditions.

Cleaning/Organization Process:

  • Visits occur by specialists in an expedited time frame to ensure thorough housekeeping
  • When hoarding, clutter is a presenting issue, Winner specialists will assist the family in reduction and effectively organize the environment
  • Families are prompted to assess the value of items and belongings those that are not essential will be discarded and/or donated
  • Families will participate in the organization process
  • Additional service resources will be provided for the family’s continued needs
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Last Updated: 08/10/23