Understanding the Adolescent Brain a.k.a Oh Teenage, How do I "Get" Thee?!

Monday, April 16, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Fair Lawn

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Understanding the Adolescent Brain a.k.a Oh Teenage, How do I "Get" Thee?!

Adolescence is a period of significant growth and transition involving changes across many aspects of development. While some areas of growth are obvious, such as changes in physical size, voice tone and social interests; others like the incredible neural alterations and functional adaptations occurring in teen brains are not so readily observable. Yet brain development is playing a huge role in what you do see in terms of their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, motivations, behaviors, etc. In this workshop we will look at and discuss:

What might be considered typical and what might be a cause for concern. 

Experiences or other factors that might adversely affect the teen’s brain in its efforts to explore and mature.

Strategies that can assist the adolescent’s brain in navigating a healthy pathway to adulthood.

Through presentation materials, a hearty discussion and an open Q&A process, this evening aims to assist those seeking a better understanding of the major role brain development has during the adolescent years!   

*Please register by Tuesday, April 10

**Adult Supervision for youth 5yrs and older is available during the workshop.

Please mention when registering.

Presenter:     Jeanne Marron, Ph.D

                        Clinical Specialist and Community Educator

                        West Bergen Mental Health

Where:           Family Support Organization of Bergen County

                        0-108 29th Street

                        Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Registration is required:

Email:  [email protected] or   Phone:  201-796-6209 x102

Website: www.fsobergen.org

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