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Connecting with Our Communities Teen Service Project

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Connecting with Our Communities Teen Service Project

This community service project has teens raising awareness of issues impacting teen mental emotional well-being and the local resources available to support youth and their families dealing with those issues.

***This project supports NJ Student Learning Standards - Health Learning Standard 2.1 Personal and Mental Health/Community Health Services and Support (CHSS) Performance Expectations for grades 5-12.

Guidelines for the Connecting with Our Communities Service Project

1. Identify, research, and define a position on a mental/emotional/social health issue that could negatively impact teen mental/emotional wellbeing. 

E.g.,  dating violence, disordered eating, addiction/substance misuse/abuse, food insecurity, homelessness, brain injury/concussion, neglect/abuse, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, traumatic events, grief, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety disorder, depression, cyberbullying, sexual harassment,  body dysmorphic disorder, human trafficking, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder,  etcetera

2. Use to identify an organization/agency (Bergen County community resource) that provides services, programs, treatment, supports for teens dealing with the chosen issue (excluding individual clinicians).

3. Choose one organizations/agency in Bergen County to ‘adopt’ for the project.  Schedule a visit to the agency/organization to meet/greet, learn about the services they offer to help youth with that issue.

4. Get Creative!  Prepare an awareness campaign to inform other teens and their families about the chosen issue and that champions the services offered by the chosen organization/agency  

E.g., PSA/commercial/social media campaign/music video/piece of art, theatrical skit etc.  Note:  multimedia Presentations should be no more than 5 mins in length.  

Click here to see some prior submissions posted on the Connecting with Our Communities service project webpage.

5.  Submit your project and individual Consent and Release forms

Projects will be chosen to spotlight on the Connecting with Our Communities webpage throughout the year.

Questions?   Email [email protected]

Project developed by the Children’s Interagency Coordinating Council (CIACC) of Bergen County


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