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IAMNOTALONE (Mental Health America)

IAMNOTALONE (Mental Health America)

We are facing a loneliness epidemic that is impacting mental health and well-being. Research shows that 3 in 5 Americans feel lonely.[1] Additionally, Mental Health America’s (MHA) screening data continues to show that loneliness and isolation are major concerns for people seeking help for their mental health. 71% of people in 2020 reported that loneliness or isolation was one of the top three things contributing to their mental health problems.

We need to address this issue now. This is why MHA created a platform specifically designed to help this current need. When people have strong social relationships, they are 50% more likely to live longer!

IAMNOTALONE is a social networking website aimed at combating loneliness and isolation. Our site is a space where anyone can post activities and events designed for people living with mental health conditions. Users can create, find, and attend activities based on shared interests. The site aims to kickstart the process of building new, meaningful friendships, particularly for those struggling with loneliness and isolation brought on by COVID-19. Features of IAMNOTALONE highlight peer support and disability accommodation.

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Last Updated: 03/14/22