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Autism-Friendly Performances at Paper Mill Playhouse

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Autism-Friendly Performances at Paper Mill Playhouse

Autism-Friendly Performances are designed and intended for families with children who have autism or other developmental disabilities. This program is designed and planned in cooperation with Paper Mill Autism Advisory Team. At these performances the theater environment will be altered, providing a comfortable and judgment-free space that is welcoming for these families. 

The Paper Mill Autism Advisory Team: Linda S. Meyer Ed.D., MPA , BCBA-D, CPT ; Kelly A. Carlile M.A. BCBA; Jeffrey Jacobs M.A. BCBA.

Autism-Friendly Performances are recommended for those families bringing a loved one having a developmental disability, and their teachers and advocates who are familiar with and accepting of behaviors exhibited by some children with autism.

Autism-Friendly accommodations Include:

  • House lights on, but dimmed, inside the theater
  • Consistent sound level and lower volume
  • BYO reinforcements and motivational systems
  • Kids are free to talk and to leave their seat under parental supervision
  • BYO snacks & drinks
  • Gender-neutral family bathrooms
  • Activity Area with Chill-Out zone provided
  • On-site support teams
  • “MEET YOUR SEAT” FREE Open Houses before the shows expressly for children to visit the theater space on a previous day. (no reservation required)  Click here to view a Google Tour of our campus and theater.

Online resource materials: character guides, puzzle activities, sequenced social stories and videos on

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Last Updated: 12/21/20