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Addiction Solution

Addiction Solution is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment service. We provide professional interventions to get your loved one into treatment.  A professional intervention is a safe, compassionate, organized way to help those struggling with an addiction get the help they need.  An intervention can prevent life threatening consequences of drug and/or alcohol abuse.  An intervention should't make your loved one feel ambushed.  It is an opportunity for friends and family members to show someone they love that they don't have to battle addiction alone.

We help place adults and adolescents into an appropriate treatment match based on individual needs rather than treating all clients with common characteristics the same.  We know there is no one addiction solution that will work. for everyone.  It is crucial that an individual is offered the best possible treatment in order to have a successful outcome.  

With recovery coaching we help you reach your goals, prevent relapse, manage emotions and develop healthy relationships.  We offer you the tools and assistance you need to achieve long term, continuous sobriety.

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