Helping Your Child Face Their Fears and Worries Q&A (Anxiety & Depression Association of America)

Thursday, February 29, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Helping Your Child Face Their Fears and Worries Q&A (Anxiety & Depression Association of America)

Everyone worries: Kids, teens, and adults. When worries and fears interfere with your child/teen's life in a significant way, it can impact their ability to fully participate in school, make friends and generally enjoy life. Caregivers often want to help their child face fears but are not sure how to do that in a way that is both supportive and also encourages them to step outside of their comfort zone. Join Drs. Rachel Busman and Lynne Siqueland as they offer practical tips and strategies and answer your questions during this webinar.

Presenter Biography

Rachel Busman, PsyD, ABPP is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Senior Director of the Child & Adolescent Anxiety and Related Disorders Program at Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants (CBC). Dr. Busman has extensive experience providing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other evidenced-based treatment to children, teenagers and young adults struggling with anxiety disorders and other related mental health disorders. Dr. Busman works intensively with children who have selective mutism, and has created Voices Rising, an intensive group-based program for SM. She also has a specific interest and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, separation anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and specific phobias. 

Prior to joining CBC, Dr. Busman was the senior director of the Anxiety Disorders Center and Director of the Selective Mutism Service at the Child Mind Institute, in addition to the Director of Brave Buddies. Dr. Busman is the former president of the Selective Mutism Association, the nation’s largest network of professionals, families, and individuals with selective mutism. She is certified in PCIT-SM and is a within agency trainer. Dr. Busman is also certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

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