Fallout: Consequences of Youthful Offenses (Rutgers University)

Thursday, December 7, 2023
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Fallout: Consequences of Youthful Offenses (Rutgers University)

The disproportionate number of minorities involved with the justice system underscores the urgent need for cultural understanding and proactive efforts to mitigate the impact of cultural diversity on decision-making. Cultural Competence in Juvenile Justice examines the steps necessary to help cultivate a climate of cultural competence and cultural humility within the juvenile justice system.

This 6-hour online course explores the various collateral consequences that justice-involved youth and their family will face as soon as they enter the system. The course will further examine the evolution of direct and indirect consequences of the system, and how it varies across the country. In addition, the impact of socioeconomic factors, race, and system players will also be discussed. Students will gain a broad understanding of the obstacles that youth face as a result of their contact with the juvenile justice system, and strategies for effectuating change.

This 6-hour course, offered in two 3-hour sessions, is designed for a wide range of disciplines and open to all those interested in the juvenile justice system. Course participants may include: 

  • Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Professionals
  • Probation and Court Service Professionals
  • Judges
  • Social Workers
  • Prosecuting Attorneys
  • Public Defenders
  • Guardians Ad Litem and Child Law Attorneys
  • Educational Staff and Advocates
  • Behavioral Health Providers and Clinicians
  • Federal, State, and Local Policy Makers and Advocates, and other
  • Professionals working with justice-involved youth

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