Research with Parent/Caregiver of Youth Who Experienced Suicide Crisis (Villanova University)

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Research with Parent/Caregiver of Youth Who Experienced Suicide Crisis (Villanova University)

Parents/Caregivers, we want to hear your stories!

Adolescents who have a suicide crisis (i.e. suicidal thoughts and feelings, preparation for suicide, suicide attempts) need mental health treatment but getting them needed care is often a long and/or difficult process.

Parents/caregivers are the facilitators of getting their adolescent into care and therefore you understand the problems of the healthcare system in ways healthcare providers do not. Researchers at Villanova University want to hear your experiences—positive and negative—seeking mental health treatment for your adolescent during and after a suicide crisis. Your stories will help us develop better interventions to support families and adolescents during these difficult times.

We are interested in hearing a wide variety of perspectives and stories, including those of non-traditional caregivers, and the parents/caregivers of LGBTQ+ teens, those struggling with substance use, or youth who experience disordered eating.

Participants will receive a $25-dollar gift card for completion of this study.

Location and Activities

Online interviews (~45 minutes) via videoconferencing software

Scheduled at times and days that are convenient for you

$25 gift card sent to you via email or mail

Are you eligible?

You are the parent or caregiver of an adolescent (12-18 years old) who had a suicide crisis in the past three years

Because of the suicide crisis, you tried to get the adolescent evaluated or treated by a healthcare professional

Including but not limited to emergency/crisis evaluation, outpatient therapy, psychiatrists, inpatient psychiatric treatment.

Willing to talk about your experiences

If interested in participating, please email/call study staff or complete the link to the survey below:

Guy Weissinger, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

[email protected]

(610) 519-6611