4th Grade Folder Artwork Competition (Drug-Free NJ)

Tuesday, November 1 -
Wednesday, December 7, 2022


4th Grade Folder Artwork Competition (Drug-Free NJ)

PDFNJ is accepting artwork for the design of the 2023 "Fun Things To Do Instead of Drugs" Folder. 

The deadline to submit is December 7, 2022. This contest is open to all 4th grade students in NJ.


*Design must be in portrait format, not landscape, or entry will be disqualified.

  1. Entries must be based on the theme “Fun Things to Do Instead of Doing Drugs”.  We recommend limiting text to a simple drug-prevention slogan or saying. The focus should be the artwork.  
  2. Students must work independently on their submission.  Only one submission per student.  Students should rely on their own imaginations; all artwork must be completely original - no tracing.
  3. Not permitted:   No copyrighted images, logos, cartoon characters, celebrities, or famous athletes, sparkles or neon colors. No photos, clipart or other images may be inserted. ***NO TRACING*** Must be original artwork. 
  4. For traditional drawings on paper (Must submit by mail; see instructions above):
  • Use white, 8 1/2” x 11” paper only.  
  • Do not use construction or colored paper.

For digital artwork (must submit electronically here; see instructions above):

  • Drawings created with an art creator application, will be permitted. Please be aware that not all apps are free.   *Teachers or parents should monitor any child who is utilizing a digital program.  
  • If  using an app, be aware that some glitches could occur with personal devices that PDFNJ cannot be responsible for.

Examples of online art creator apps:

  • Computer: Kidmons.com, YouiDraw.com, Sketchpad, InspirARTion, SumoPaint
  • Phone App: Doodle Buddy
  • iPad: DrawIt
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  • Children
  • Adolescents
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