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EPIC Parenting Program (The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources/CAFS)

EPIC Parenting Program (The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources/CAFS)

In 12 two-hour sessions, you will learn to keep the “loving connection” from infancy, through elementary school, throughout the difficult years of adolescence, and beyond. Groups are generally made up of 8-12 people of all ages, who may be single parents or couples, and come from various backgrounds. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the series.

You will experience increased confidence, a more positive view of your role as a parent, greater the levels of interaction and improved relationships with your children, and gain a set of skills to use as your children grow. Your children will become better prepared for school and personal success.
The EPIC program has been recognized countywide and statewide for being cost efficient, results oriented, and parent friendly.

Topics include:

  • Characteristics of an Effective Parent
  • Building Healthy Self-Esteem in Children
  • Structure and Limits: How to Make a Rule That Works
  •  Knowing Ourselves as Parents
  • Promoting a Peaceful Environment
  •  Coping With Daily Problems
  •  Helping Children to Resolve Conflicts
  •  Building Bridges Between Parent and Child

Interested? Contact: Lannie Jaconia, CSSW, Program Coordinator at (201) 740-7110

Cost: $240 per session

*Scholarships available 

Age Groups
  • Adults
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Last Updated: 04/11/21