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A Joyful Noise Worship (Ridgewood United Methodist Church)

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A Joyful Noise Worship (Ridgewood United Methodist Church)

Ridgewood United Methodist Church proves a ministry for families with special needs children.  Every Sunday at 11 AM in the Chapel. The service is non-denominational, not too long and physically and spiritually accessible for all God's children. 

The typical agenda for "Joyful Noise" includes an introduction in which the pastor involves his guests in familiarizing themselves with the chapel's surroundings.  There is also an attempt to intertwine Bible passages with a response activity that would enhance the children's understanding of what they are learning.  The activities, usually fun videos or songs pertaining to that day's story varies week to week.  Teaching social skills and manners is also part of the plan.  The format helps special needs children to feel less sequestered, improve their social interactions, while maintaining comfort and safety.

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  • Adults
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Last Updated: 05/16/24