School-Based Solutions To The Mental Health Crisis Webinar

Thursday, July 19, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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School-Based Solutions To The Mental Health Crisis Webinar


For those of you who were unable to attend the first presentation, join us live this summer to plan for the year ahead! *One professional development hour will be given.

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For those of us working in school settings, it's harder than ever to navigate the complex and growing need for readily available child and adolescent mental health treatment. We are seeing a continual rise in anxiety, depression, school refusal, suicide and other student mental health issues. Additionally, parents, teachers and community stakeholders increasingly expect school professionals to address these mental health issues in the school environment. This webinar is designed to provide some much needed clarity for understanding how to respond and integrate mental health services into a school setting. 

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How school-based mental health over the past 100 years is impacting the landscape of the current school system

  • Differentiating between the need for traditional school-based counseling and intensive school-based counseling for student mental health issues

  • Negotiating the expectations of school-based mental health needs to ensure school professionals and parents/guardians can successfully work together

  • Strategies for implementing a comprehensive school-based counseling program with existing school resources

  • How to easily collect and use data to highlight the benefits and justify the appropriate level of mental health services for any school setting

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Meet The Presenter:

Zachary Schwartz, MSW, LCSW, PsyA, is the Director of Sage Thrive Services. He was initially exposed to Sage early in his social work career when coordinating care for a student who had attended one of the Sage Day Schools( in New Jersey. The more that Zack learned about Sage Day's innovative and in-depth approach to working with children and families, the more it propelled him to be a part of this organization that was making such a meaningful impact in the school environment. Zack has been a part of the Sage community since 2004.  He served as a staff therapist at the Sage Day Rochelle Park High School for his first four years before becoming the on-site supervising therapist for the first Sage Thrive program at Glen Rock High School. Zack was later promoted to the Director of Sage Thrive in 2014 and is currently responsible for hands-on oversight and supervision of all Sage Thrive programs. 

About Sage Thrive Services 

Sage Thrive partners with you to provide on-site individual, group and family counseling to both general education and special education students. We work with a group of identified students across all school levels with the goal in mind to keep students in-district and return students to district. With our therapeutic support students find renewed confidence and success both academically and socially. We also provide suicide risk assessments in addition to other support services. 

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