Hidden Danger: Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet Conference

Friday, September 14, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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Hidden Danger: Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet Conference

Hear from Award-Winning Expert Dr. David Finkelhor
and Other Child Abuse Professionals!

2018 Biennial Child Protection Skill Building Conference

Hidden Danger: Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Friday, Sept. 14, 2018 | Edison, NJ | 9am to 4pm

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families and the New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect are hosting the 2018 Biennial Child Protection Skill Building Conference.

This day-long skill building event will focus on expanding professional knowledge of the dangers to which children are exposed when using internet technology.  New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect Co-Chair, Dr. Martin A. Finkel and DCF Commissioner, Christine Norbut Beyer will provide opening remarks to begin the day's events.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Finkelhor, Ph.D.

David Finkelhor is the Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center, Professor of Sociology, and University Professor at the University of New Hampshire. An award winning child abuse prevention professional, he has done extensive research about child homicide, missing and abducted children, bullying, and internet victimization since 1977. Author of 12 books and over 200 journal articles, Finkelhor helped develop the concept of "poly-victimization."

During this upcoming conference, Dr. David Finkelhor will speak on:

Internet Sexual Soliciting and Sexting: Research on children who get sexually exploited via the internet suggests a problem somewhat more complicated than conventional stereotypes. The key challenge is helping youth make good decisions about how to manage developmentally appropriate interests in romance and sex, rather than blanket warnings about giving out personal information or communicating with people they don't know. Suggestions are given about how to reframe this discussion.

Sextortion: Sextortion happens in the context of relationships that go sour as well as at the hands of manipulative online predators. Dr. Finkelhor will describe different dynamics to these offenses, and also talk about the ways in which internet service providers and social media sites can do a better job of protecting victims.

Date, Cost, Location

Course Name:

2018 Skill Building Conference: Hidden Danger (IT0103HA19)


September 14, 2018 from 9:00am to 4:00pm


Pines Manor, Edison, NJ


$40 per person


AM coffee and lunch are included


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