Trauma-Related Resources by The Parent Center Club

Trauma-Related Resources

What is PTSD? | In English and in Spanish

The National Center for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) can tell you--and connect individuals, friends, families, and veterans with a network of professionals to help.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

From Medscape, this article looks at the "practice essentials" for diagnosing and addressing PTSD in children. It's a good read for professionals and parents alike; it's easy to read, yet framed from a clinician's point of view.

Helping Young Children Cope After Exposure to a Traumatic Event

Tragedies are especially distressing to families with young children. This resource from Zero to Three is designed to help parents navigate this very challenging time. It includes symptoms a child might display, suggestions for what parents can do, and several resources they can turn to for more information.

Tips for Talking with and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event

This guide can help parents, caregivers, and teachers learn more about the common reactions children and youth have to trauma, how to respond in a helpful way, and when (and where) to seek support.

Home Management Strategies for PTSD

What parents can do to help their child cope with trauma and the anxiety that may result. Very practical, very basic.