Resources in Regards to Recent Mass Shooting, Gun Violence

Please find resources on how to talk to children and assisting your communities' response to mass shootings and other violent events.. The Traumatic Loss Coalition websites also include information which may be helpful but keys things to remember are:

  • Start to Conversation  (ask your child what they have heard )
  • Make sure you have accurate information
  • Encourage children to ask questions from a trusted adult
  • Limit media exposure
  • Be a positive role model

Community Tragedy: Stress, Trauma and Media Overload

Resources provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):

SAMHSA Resources:

General Resources:

Resources for Parents and Guardians:

There are also many types of resources within ResourceNet to assist with Grief and Healing by typing 'Grief' in the keyword search and/or by typing "Trauma" in the keyword search.