Your Story FREE Writing Workshop (YWCA Northern New Jersey)

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Your Story FREE Writing Workshop (YWCA Northern New Jersey)

These FREE virtual writing workshops will help woman discover their authentic voice. Rachel will guide you each week with writing exercises and more to help you find the writer in you.

Workshops start Wednesday, March 10 through Wednesday, April 14 at 7 pm via Zoom.

Choose one or all 6 workshops.  Attend all 6 workshops and receive a gift!


March 10
Week 1 – Authenticity

Writing starts with you & your distinct point of view. In this class, we’ll focus on getting to know one another a bit better & how we can write in our journals exactly how we think and speak. All you can uniquely offer the world is you.

March 17
Week 2 – To Be Heard

Have you ever spent time with someone who doesn’t listen to you? You may attempt to speak in a meeting only to be spoken over by a colleague? Or, perhaps in a conversation with a family member, you may not feel as though they truly heard what you’ve just told them about what you want or need? Writing is the best way to speak without being interrupted. In this class, we’ll use our journals to listen to ourselves & learn about the obstacles that often make that challenging.

March 24
Week 3 – To Be Seen (Part 1): Observe the World Around You

Writers are truly observers of the world. We pay attention & communicate what we’re seeing or experiencing, so other people can understand. In this class, we focus on ways in which we can learn to keenly observe the world & put those observations into words (for ourselves or others) in our journals.

March 31
Week 4 – To Be Seen (Part 2): Self-Observation

Just as our journals can be a place where we put our observations about our external world, our journals can also be a place where we capture what we observe about ourselves. What bring us joy? What scares us? What makes us mad? What are our hopes and dreams? In this class, we learn to use our journal to help us pay attention to ourselves.

April 7
Week 5 – To Be Understood

Sometimes, we can navigate our families, our workplaces or our communities & feel like we don’t belong; like people don’t understand us. However, our journals can be safe places where we feel understood because we are seen & heard (from our previous lessons). In this lesson, we focus on how writing can help us see the universal human experiences within our own.

April 14
Week 6 – To Make Meaning

As human beings, we’re meaning makers. Each day, we experience a wide variety of thoughts, feelings & experiences, and then we create narratives about ourselves, the people we’re in relationship with & the significance of those experiences in our lives. In this class, we focus on how writing can help us understand and shape those narratives that make up our lives.

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