NJCSOC Youth Conference: Building on the Journey of Wellness

Saturday, August 12, 2017
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM


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NJCSOC Youth Conference: Building on the Journey of Wellness


1. Your Mystic Location
Spiritual wellness includes expanding sense of purpose, peace and meaning in life. This session will provide an overview of chakras, scented oils, and meditation tips. This interactive workshop will include a variety of activities that can help participants feel peace and balance.
2. Becoming Healthy and Stress Free
Physical wellness is an important component of health and involves physical activity, eating heathy foods, restful sleep and managing stress. This workshop will include education and fun activities so participants can feel and be healthy and stress free.
3. Good Vibes & Happy Places
Environmental wellness involves feeling safe and comfortable where you live, work and play. During this workshop, participants will explore places and spaces that promote positive energy, good vibes and safe and happy places.
4. The Basics About Jobs
Occupational wellness includes finding meaningful work. This workshop will explore the basics of getting and keeping a job. Participants will learn about: The basics about jobs; Attire for an interview; Interviewing Do and Don’ts; Resume writing tips; and Resources available to get & keep a job.
5. Fun Ways to Be More Social & Make Friends
Social wellness involves developing a sense of belonging and creating a support system of friends, family and the community. This workshop will explore the world of social interaction, including skits to explain how to navigate social situations and fun activities to find and keep friends.
6. Coasting Through Emotions
Emotional wellness involves being aware of feelings and the ability to cope with a wide range of emotions. Emotions tell us how we are experiencing the world and can let the world know how we feel. Emotions are neither good nor bad but can be uncomfortable or unwanted. This workshop will explore emotions, why we should value them, how we can understand them, and how we can cope with them.
7. Choose Your Own Financial Adventure
Financial wellness involves feeling secure with current and future monetary needs. This session will explore budgeting, discuss how to best use a debit card and savings account as a young adult. Participants will have the opportunity to choose their own adventure through scenarios young adults often face.
8. Expand Your Knowledge
Intellectual wellness involves using our creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills. This workshop will involve games and fun activities that encourage learning and help participants gain knowledge of the 8 dimensions

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