Mahwah Parent Academies: Cyber Safety Presentation

Monday, January 14, 2019
7:00 PM


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Mahwah Parent Academies: Cyber Safety Presentation

Cyber Safety Presentation featuring Sgt. Tom Rich, Cyber Safety Expert and Spokesperson


Tom is a cyber safety expert and key spokesperson for student and parent presentations where he teaches them about the dangers of social media and encourages positive school communities.

Tom is a Sergeant with the Summit Police Department in New Jersey where he has worked as a Patrol Officer, Detective, Juvenile Detective, Juvenile Sergeant, D.A.R.E Officer and Patrol Sergeant. Every day, Tom dedicates his career to protecting and empowering children through education and inclusion.

His presentations cover cyberbullying and how technology fuels this epidemic, including a detailed look into the risks of the most popular social media sites, incorporating real-life examples.

Attendees of Tom’s presentations will gain knowledge to protect themselves and others, by understanding the risks of:

  •  Communicating with strangers online
  •  Sharing sensitive photos via text
  • Not managing app settings
  •  and more...

Tom’s engaging presentation drives home how these forms of communication are affecting our youth every day and making it easier to be mean to each other. He provides relevant and effective cyber safe strategies to help children use social media in positive ways and promote safe and kind school communities.

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