Love & Leadership: Guiding Your Child From the Heart

Tuesday, September 17 -
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Love & Leadership: Guiding Your Child From the Heart

There are some wonderful services that benefit families dealing with a youth’s challenging behaviors and/or fragile emotional state, from in-home therapeutic services to parent coaching. Every family and the professionals working with them need different levels of support. Some children’s needs are so intense that the safest, most beneficial option is residential treatment while others have success when professional support is offered in the home and in the community. Regardless of the need for treatment, most parents, caregivers, and professionals want to work towards creating a positive home or program environment and fostering positive relationships.

Seeing the unique challenges faced by parents and professionals working with “intense” children, we have created the Love & Leadership coaching support services, which focus on empowering parents/professionals into a position of leadership centered around love for both themselves and their children. The goal is to put the parent/caregiver and professional in the driver seat and to help empower the adults in the child's life to flourish in their relationship with the child.

With this program, you participate in the online training/support group using the Nurtured Heart Approach®: OPTIMIZE: 7 Simple Steps to Nurture Your Heart and Transforming the Intense Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach. In 7 Simple Steps to Nurture Your Heart, starting from where you are, we invite you to examine your routine patterns of self-communication and values and give you a set of precise tools, examples, and activities to develop a more nurturing, loving, and positive relationship with yourself and in turn, you learn how to use these techniques toward your family members or to the people you serve. In Transforming the Intense Child, you learn the foundation of the Nurtured Heart Approach® and how to apply the teachings to increase positive and peaceful relationships in your home.

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