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ImprovFusion - Acting Workshop (MarbleJam)

Begins Tuesday, July 9, 2024
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

ImprovFusion - Acting Workshop (MarbleJam)

July 9-August 20

'Improv Fusion' is MarbleJam's Acting and Improvisation Workshop for acting, drama, and theatre lovers or all types! Through the use of drama and improv therapy techniques, individuals with disorders such as ASD, ADHD< sensory processing disorders, and more can explore the world of acting. Participants can expect:

  • Fun acting and improv games and activities
  • Professional instruction from qualified and experienced leaders.
  • To build their emotional and social expression vocabulary.
  • Improvements in areas like memorization, empathetic expression, and self expression.
  • Group collaboration and foundational acting techniques.

This Drama & Improv Workshop is what MarbleJam is all about - we strive to create a place for. free and creative expression. Join us this summer for our Improv Fusion Summer Workshop!

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