Breaking Down "Structural" and "Systemic" Racism for Our Children

Monday, April 12, 2021
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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Breaking Down "Structural" and "Systemic" Racism for Our Children

Appreciating diversity - of skins colors, hair textures, foods, and music. Embracing friendships across racial lines. Understanding that every racial and ethnic group includes people who believe different things and behave in different ways, that there is as much diversity within racial groups as across them.

At EmbraceRace, we subscribe to all these elements of what we call "the diversity vision" and support parents, educators and other caregivers to do the same in your work with children. We also know that the diversity vision is not enough. If, together, we are to raise a color-brave generation of children who can help fuel a thriving multiracial democracy, we must help children understand the "structural" and "systemic" roots of the persistent racial divides, inequities, and power imbalances that characterize US society.

Join us for a conversation about structural and systemic racism. What do we mean by those terms? Why do they matter? How do we break them down for - make them accessible to - even elementary school-aged children? How can we support our children to do about them? Bring your questions, experiences, and insights, people!


  • Kimberly Narain, , MD, PhD, MPH

Motivated by her own battle with chronic disease, Dr. Kimberly Narain has devoted her career to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be healthy. She is a wife, a mother, an internal medicine physician and a researcher focused on improving the health of underserved and under-resourced populations. Her primary research involves examining the health equity implications of social, economic and health interventions among racial/ethnic minorities and individuals with low socioeconomic status.

  • Michael Lawrence-Riddell

Michael Lawrence-Riddell is an award winning public school educator with twenty years of classroom experience. He founded Self-Evident education in September of 2019 because he wasn't finding teaching materials that addressed the urgent need for our society to honestly and rigorously engage in work to understand the histories and legacies of race and institutional racism. Michael's foundation as an African-American Studies major at Wesleyan University and as a teacher of American History also shapes his work.

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